Thursday, December 20, 2012

family pictures 2012

since we recently finished adding "additions" to our family in the form of amelia grace, we decided to get some family pictures done with the final dordal 6.

some friends and clients of erik's, the pratts of glimpse photo, took our pictures at manito park this fall and we love them!  thank you guys so much!

this is a busy, busy time of year for us with birthdays and holidays galore so there will be many other pictures that i should probably post to get this blog caught up. in due time.....  ;)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ella is 2!

Long overdue, but it is crazy this time of year for us Dordals!  Ella turned 2 on November 10th!  We had a little party at our house.  It was a fun year because she has grown leaps and bounds from 1 year ago!  She wasn't even crawling on her hands and knees 1 year ago and now she is walking, 'talking', and being her sassy little self.  This fall I have expressed many times to Erik and family that I really can NOT imagine my life without Ella.  She is my sunshine.......she is someone who helps me look at life and smile no matter what.  Here are a couple pics from her birthday:


quality control

is this safe?

diva at red robin

so serious about picking her b-day dinner

entering the world of baby dolls

kids, kind of love them all

birthday sundae: get in my belly!

in belly

posing with her thailand shoes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

then + now

i have been looking back at pictures of my kids to appreciate and remember.  every fall i am sure i will get this 'remembering feeling' as we get closer to ella's birthday.  a feeling of gratefulness and a reminder of how praiseworthy Jesus is as He continues to give life.  life in many different ways.....i keep thinking and wondering how it would be if we lost ella and i know that 'life' would have still come out of that situation as dire as it may have been.  i know because i had hit rock bottom and was preparing myself to lose her and had began thanking Jesus for the life He had already given me and began accepting His sovereignty.  there would have been 'life' out of even the worse case scenario because my character would have been stretched and grown.

i want to, daily, approach life remembering then and now.  here are a few then and nows i want to remember:

then: Jesus on the cross
now: my salvation

then: a relationship in sin
now: a beautiful marriage

then: my beautiful 1st born son, Elijah

now: my kind, smart boy Elijah

then: my darling 2nd born son, Ayden

now: my make me laugh, sweet boy Ayden

then: my 'rock my world' 3rd born daughter, Ella

now: my reminder of saving grace, go get 'em girl Ella

then: my loving 4th born daughter, Amelia

now: my reminder of light, adoring girl Amelia

remembering "every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." - James 1:17

we are all changing from then to now, hopefully growing and bringing forth new life thanks to our unchanging Savior.

fall will always be a super reflective season for me in terms of change and life and i am thankful for this.