Monday, November 26, 2012

Ella is 2!

Long overdue, but it is crazy this time of year for us Dordals!  Ella turned 2 on November 10th!  We had a little party at our house.  It was a fun year because she has grown leaps and bounds from 1 year ago!  She wasn't even crawling on her hands and knees 1 year ago and now she is walking, 'talking', and being her sassy little self.  This fall I have expressed many times to Erik and family that I really can NOT imagine my life without Ella.  She is my sunshine.......she is someone who helps me look at life and smile no matter what.  Here are a couple pics from her birthday:


quality control

is this safe?

diva at red robin

so serious about picking her b-day dinner

entering the world of baby dolls

kids, kind of love them all

birthday sundae: get in my belly!

in belly

posing with her thailand shoes